Feedback Survey of CIQA, KKHSOU

As mandated in UGC guidelines (F. No. 2-4/2015 (DEB-III), dated 23rd June, 2017, Point of Annexure I) the CIQA of KKHSOU conducted few surveys among the Learners and other Stakeholders of KKHSOU regarding quality related institutional processes through instruments as stated below.

  • Learners’ Feedback on Course (attached with SLM)
  • Programme Expectation Survey (administered through online)
  • Learners Feedback during the Programme (administered in dual mode i.e. online and offline)
  • Learners Feedback after completion of the Programme (within 1 year of award of degree, which is administered through online and offline mode)
  • Job Satisfaction Survey among the Academic Staff.
  • Job Satisfaction Survey among the Non-Teaching Staff (administered in bilingual mode)
Click here to view the Reports of the Feedback Surveys